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The Natural Park

The Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Natural Park covers a total surface area of 8,192.19 hectares and includes 8 towns.
The territory has different degrees of protection that are regulated by different bodies: two nature parks (marine for the Medes Islands and terrestrial for Baix Ter); an integral nature reservation for the area of the Medes Islands due to their high environmental value; and a peripheral protection for marine life in the surrounding area of the Medes Islands natural park.

The Medes Islands - A sub aquatic paradise.

The Medes Islands are without doubt the highlight of the natural park. This small archipelago formed by seven islets is found only a mile from the coast of L’Estartit, with a total area of 23 hectares.
The Medes Islands are one of the most important marine reservations in the Mediterranean and attract thousands of visitors every year.
The options for nautical and subaquactic activities are varied and respectful of the protected area.
Do you want to know more about the Medes Islands?
The Estació Nàutica makes it easy for sea, sailing, maritime trips and excursions, kayaking, hire a boat, snorkelling or diving...

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