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The Estartit and Medas Islands Nautical Station offers you a wide range of activities.

At sea, on the ground, and in the air!

'El Fadrí', sea cruise around Medes Islands and Montgrí coast

Discover the Montgrí's Coast and Medes islands. Enter into the caves, and enjoy the peaceful coves.

It consists of a traditional boat, which offers you the opportunity to see the...

From 20.00€

Boat Nautilus. Route Illes Medes - Roca Foradada

Sail in the Natural Park Montgrí, les Illes Medes i el Baix Ter and discover a unique sea bottom

A cruise along the bottom of the sea. Along the route you can observe, the...

From 21.00€

Barca Núria, the traditional Catalan boat

The Nuria is also the only one that can cross from one side to another the fabulous and mythical "Roca Foradada"

The Nuria is a Catalan traditional fishermen's boat in this...

From 20.00€


From 21.00€

Pirates Ship Corsari Negre. Caves Route

Feel like a pirate sailing on the The Corsari Negre

The Black Corsair is a tropical wood boat built by hand in Brazil, similar to the old pirates of the Caribbean.

From 28.50€

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