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The Estartit and Medas Islands Nautical Station offers you a wide range of activities.

At sea, on the ground, and in the air!

Balloon Flight- Feel like a bird!

Flying in a baloon is one of the most exciting experiences. Come and fly over one f the most beautiful ladnscapes in Catalonia

We meet in the early morning. We prepare the...

From 150.00€

Guided route on Segway

Guided route on segway: practical, ecological and fun. For all publics!

With a Segway you can go up mountains, run along the beach, travel through walkways of the marshlands...

From 32.00€

Golf Class- Test your precision

Did you know that a good swing requires of 124 muscles coordinating at once? Come and we'll show you!

One hour of activity with professional teacher.
Basic golf ...

From 9.00€

Diving in Medes Islands

Dive in the best natural reserve of the occidental part of the Mediterranean. Don't settle for less!

The Medes Islands are a paradise for divers . The different depths allow...

From 33.00€

Robinson adventure

Boat trip to see the cliffs of Montgrí natural Park to Cala Pedrosa. Eco-hiking back to Estartit. Discover the geological past of Montgrí!


From 27.00€

Route 'Colomers' - Kayak in river Ter!

Enjoy a bike tour through Baix Empordà. Come to discover the river Ter from the water with a Kayak itineraire and from the riverbank with bicycle. Be surrounded by nature and observe the amount...

From 49.00€

Laser Combat- Create you own elite command

Game of strategy and emotion, using the latest technologies in simulations of combat for the elite military commands.

After a 20 minute presentation the rest of the time is...

From 19.00€

Kayac family fun in the Ter River

Strech 1: Colomers- Verges
Easy activity ideal for families, in a protected area.

A route of 7.5km on the river that flows between Colomers and Verges. An ideal activity

From 25.00€

Sailing trip

Experiment freedom like never before: let the wind guide you

With the new 9-metre sailing boat, you can relax, enjoy sailing with your friends, and explore the magic of

From 27.00€

Route small towns of the Empordà

Burricleta, rural electric bicycle with which you can discover the Costa Brava and the Empordà at your own pace.

It is the most innovative way to know the landscape and the...

From 25.00€

Visit de Caganer's Workshop

From 5.00€

'El Fadrí', sea cruise around Medes Islands and Montgrí coast

Discover the Montgrí's Coast and Medes islands. Enter into the caves, and enjoy the peaceful coves.

It consists of a traditional boat, which offers you the opportunity to see the...

From 20.00€

Boat Nautilus. Route Illes Medes - Roca Foradada

Sail in the Natural Park Montgrí, les Illes Medes i el Baix Ter and discover a unique sea bottom

A cruise along the bottom of the sea. Along the route you can observe, the...

From 21.00€

Paddle Surf- If you try it you'll repeat

Come and discover this combination of surfing and canoeing that lets you slide both flat water and in waves

Discover this new sport created by the Hawaiian, called Stand Up...

From 15.00€

Sea Kayak Medes Islands- Discover the most hidden spots!

Rowing you'll find the most hidden cove

Kayaking is a combination of sport, sea and adventure which allows us to explore otherwise inaccessible corners of the shoreline.

From 27.00€

PADI diving courses

The way world learns to dive

To become an accomplished scuba diver, you start by learning the basics of diving and then you develop these techniques. We are sure you'll

From 230.00€

Barca Núria, the traditional Catalan boat

The Nuria is also the only one that can cross from one side to another the fabulous and mythical "Roca Foradada"

The Nuria is a Catalan traditional fishermen's boat in this...

From 20.00€

'Route trough Pals and it's domain' en burricleta

Pals and its ancient territory possessions route brings us closer to the surroundings of Pals, a combination of woods, dunes, beach and marshlands. This tour starts in Gualta, the first village that...

From 35.00€


From 21.00€

Kayak Hire (without instructor)- At your own pace!

Freely explore the Medes Islands and Montgrí coastline by hiring a kayak

Rent an individual or double kayak without guide to discover at your own pace the most inaccessible...

From 9.00€

Route 'Medieval Towns'

From 25.00€

Flyboard 20'- Want to fly?

Fly over the water while you feel like a superhero and dive into the water like a dolphin. Everything is possible!

Our certified Flyboard instructors will give you a little...

From 90.00€


If you want to feel like a real Robin Hood or as the main character in a film like «The Hunger Games», «The Lord of the Rings» or «Brave», do not hesitate, come over with your friends, take our

From 19.00€

Medes Islands Snorkelling- enjoy discovering the underwater world

One of most highlighted activities not to be missed for sea and nature lovers who choose to visit L’Estartit.

The activity starts with an audiovisual introduction to the fauna

From 32.00€

From 5.00€

Flyfish - Feel like a fish

Feel the speed of the boat, the waves and the wind lifted the water making jumps like a flying fish

Climb this inflatable kite for a maximum of 6 people and enjoy an...

From 20.00€