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Our principle is based on experimentation with the sea, we want people to learn from the sea, to know it and thus be able to enjoy everything sliding on it.

The man was not designed to perform in a gym, but to evolve in a rural environment.

We carry out activities based on the optimization of the natural resources that surround us and we have adapted them to programs oriented to the learning and progression of surfing.

We have an ideal rural environment for this type of activities, which purifies us from the big cities, increasingly crowded, where we live surrounded by stress, movement, noise and people imprisoned in their temps.Realitzem surf courses for all those who want to live an experience with the sea.

We group students according to their age and levels, children from 6 years and adults.

To be able to adapt to changing sea conditions, we offer the possibility of buying 5 or 10 class tickets or making a monthly, quarterly or seasonal payment.

Surf, Paddle surf and Skate classes are held.

BABY SURFERS (5-7 years): € 35 / session
SURF KIDS: (8-14 years): € 35 / session
YOUNG SURFERS (15-18 years): € 40 / session
ALL SURFERS (+18 years): € 45 / session


Duration: 1 day - 01:15 hours/day
Adult price: 0€
Child price: 30.00€

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