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If you want to feel like a real Robin Hood or as the main character in a film like «The Hunger Games», «The Lord of the Rings» or «Brave», do not hesitate, come over with your friends, take our authentic bows and arrows and you will see that they can take you to a real adventure movie!

Especially thought for those who enjoy action, just like you, you will be able to shoot in a long and short distance with arrows with their tips made of foam that, of course, wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Try your aim!...
Lay an ambush!...
How many arrows are left?...
Will you be able to retrieve the arrows to continue playing!?...
In our Ocitània activitiy camp you will find thousand of possibilities and special places such as surveillance towers, labyrinths, underground hides and much more... ideal places to create your own set of your favorite movie.
Do you want to have an adventure movie??

Our monitors will propose you several games that will be a challenge of accuracy and motoric control. Are you prepared? In that case, first of all you will need to master the basic principles of the bow to achieve your aim, but at the same time, will have to be very aware to avoid the incoming arrows of the opposition. Ah! And don’t you forget to keep moving

and retrieve the arrows to continue playing!

The Game of Archers is a fun and entertaining game where our monitors will put you different challenges taking into account the ages of the group and preferences... It’sr fun for those who want to play «The Hunger Games», or for those who want feel like an elf in the world of «The Lord of the Rings» or «Brave»...

It is an entirely safe activity, thought both for kids, teenagers and adults. And a perfect experience for groups of friends as well as for company days.

19 € adults / 16 € children (<18).


Duration: 1 day - 01:30 hours/day
Adult price: 0€
Child price: 0€

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